My Work in Print

the end was not the end - cover

‘The End Was Not The End‘ is a post-apocalyptic fantasy anthology, and features my story ‘The Halls of War’.

‘The End Was Not the End’ is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.


‘Perfect Flaw’ is a dystopian anthology, and features my story ‘The Ultimate Sale’.

Perfect Flaw: Kindle Version

Perfect Flaw: Kindle UK Version

Perfect Flaw: Nook Version

Just one more step

The ‘Just One More Step’ anthology is now available for purchase on, and includes my story ‘Omnipotence Unbound’.

In the deepest, darkest regions of space exists our end. The human race are powering up their thrusters and proudly waving their pistols in the air to take care of the stars and its inhabitants. But they find more than they bargained for beyond our solar system… They may even find what they deserve…

  • ‘Just One More Step’ is available in quality trade paperback here.
  • The ebook can be purchased here.


Tales of the unseelie court

A Chimerical World: Tales of the Unseelie Court features  my story ‘The Enemy of my Enemy’.

Amazon UK version

monster hunter blood trails cover

Monster Hunter: Blood Trails features my vampire story ‘Kinbane’.

Amazon link.


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