Thor or Loki?

I’m a die-hard Thor fan. He was always my favourite when I read Norse mythology as a kid, and nothing’s changed since.  Which is your favourite?

Sorry for the slight disparity in the below. I’ve only ever done a pic of Thor in his mythological guise, but I do feel the need to do a nice Marvel-based pic too…

Loki by 3D Fantasy Art

Loki, god of mischief

thor god of thunder by 3d fantasy art

Thor, god of thunder




Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour Guest Post Schedule


The Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour kicks off in January.  I’ll have some juicy fantasy / author / writing related posts on my blog from the following guest authors on the following dates:

05/01/2015: Danielle Ross
06/01/2015: Debbie Manber Kupfer
07/01/2015: C. B. McGillavry
08/01/2015: Charlotte Henley Babb
09/01/2015: V.M. Sang
11/01/2015: Sarah Daltry
12/01/2015: Robert Brooks
13/01/2015: RJ Mirabal
14/01/2015: Renee Scattergood
15/01/2015: Maeve La Fay
16/01/2015: Lee Dunning
17/01/2015: JuQuan Williams
18/01/2015: JoElle Martin
19/01/2015: Jean Lauzier
20/01/2015: J Lenni Dorner
21/01/2015: Elizabeth Lorraine

Into the Publishing Minefield

I’ve been trying to garner some interest in ‘Fortune’s Thief’, and having failed to find an agent, I’ve been contacting independent publishers to see whether anyone would be interested in publishing it.

So far, I have had two contract offers, but I won’t be accepting either of them.  I had no idea when I started sending out my manuscript that it would be such a minefield.

The first offer I had was from a publisher whose employees are illiterate.  The email accompanying the contract, and subsequent correspondence was so badly written I had to read it three times before I could understand what they were trying to say.  They were also planning to put it out exactly as I’d sent it to them, with no editorial input or modifications whatsoever.  I’ve checked it the best I can, and had a few friends review it, but I have absolutely no doubt that it would benefit greatly from some professional editing.  Having read up about these guys on the Absolute Write Authors Beware section, they’re definitely one to avoid.

So I sent it off to a second publisher and had a grammatically correct response on nice headed paper, asking for a printed manuscript. Then followed three weeks of watching the doormat, wondering when a letter was going to land. In the interim, however, I looked them up on my new favourite forum page (Absolute Write Authors Beware) and found that many people were reporting bad experiences with them.  These guys appear professional, but are in essence a vanity press and will charge authors for publishing, so when I had the contracts arrive today, I wasn’t in the least surprised to find that they wanted £2,300 to publish my book.  If they had been up-front about it, and indicated on their website that contribution-based publishing was one of their possible routes, I wouldn’t have wasted my time or theirs in submitting to them.

I’m now going back to a third publisher, who expressed interest about the same time I heard from the second publisher to see whether we can still work together, and what their terms will be.

More news from the minefield as it breaks…

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour January 2015


I’ve joined up with a group of like-minded writers and we’re doing a blog tour in the new year.  I’ll be guest posting on the following blogs in January. I’d better get writing!

05/01/2015: Royal Blood Chronicles
06/01/2015: Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner
07/01/2015: Jean Lauzier
08/01/2015: Magical Moments with JoElle
09/01/2015: JuQuan Williams
10/01/2015: Lee Dunning
11/01/2015: Maeve La Fay
12/01/2015: Renee Writes
13/01/2015: RJ Mirabal
14/01/2015: Appalachian Round Table: Brooks Blog
15/01/2015: Author Sarah Daltry
17/01/2015: V. M. Sang
18/01/2015: Charlotte Henley Babb
19/01/2015: C.B. Mac Gillavry
20/01/2015: Paws 4 Thought
21/01/2015: Danielle Ross