I Found a Book I Didn’t Know I’d Written…

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day!

When I got back into writing about ten years ago, I wrote a lot, particularly when I should have been doing something else. I woke up at the weekend thinking about a vampire-based story I wrote around that time, and I decided to dig it out and dust it off.  I had half a mind to see whether Kindle allowed publishing of single short stories, or novellas, and if so, what the word count should be.

I had a quick scout around on Amazon and found that there were various stories of various lengths on sale.  Great, I thought. So I went to check how long my story was, and it turns out that the main body of text, when added to a shorter accompanying story that I wrote, came out at a whopping 90,000 words.

I had NO idea.

So I’m currently editing the two together, which is both massively exciting and horribly painful! They were written from completely opposing points of view, and one was written in the first person, so there’s some serious chopping and changing to be done here.  Cue many headaches! On the plus side, I’m really excited about working on it again. More on my dodgy medieval fantasy vampire romance (?) as it develops.

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