Planning Book 2 of 3

So, with my first novel ‘finished’ (HA!) and out on the hunt for prospective publishers, I feel a bit lost.  I’ve had the updating and editing of it on my mind for so long that now it’s done, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself!  I’ve therefore started planning two follow-up novels (idle hands and all that…).

Book 2 will pick up Tal Sarokan’s story as he goes north to find the forgers of his sentient sword, and bring in some old and new characters.  I made good inroads into planning this today, and have around 5000 words of plot and chapter outline set out.  Now all I have to do is flesh it out… If past experience holds true, the end result won’t resemble the plan very much.

Book 3 will, I suspect, focus on the other main character from Fortune’s Thief, Al Salazar.  I haven’t got much further than that basic concept as yet, but I think he deserves a book.

I’ve also been using this site as a resource to help me draw up the outline and make sure my plot has all the requisite points: I found it incredibly useful when trying to write a synopsis of Fortune’s Thief last week, and would highly recommend it as a resource.  I’ve translated it into a table in Word to use as a template for any future outlines, which again is going to be really helpful to me.

Do you have any resources that you find useful in planning your writing?




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