Guest post from Debbie Manber Kupfer: Introducing Argentum!

Today, I’m pleased to be hosting a blog post from Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Introducing Argentum


Argentum is the thread that binds all magic. When Merlin fashioned the first shapeshifter charms, he selected silver for his work. The silver wand, the silver scrying bowl, the silver charms of the shapeshifters.

All contain the essence of Argentum.

The death of Alistair has brought a measure of peace and calm to those at P.A.W.S., but his silver charm remains in Miri’s possession and it seems to almost have a life of its own.

Nightmares and questions torment Miri until the charm mysteriously disappears and Jessamyn seeks help from Quentin,. He claims to have repented his past association with Alistair, but can he be trusted?

And what of Jenna, a young girl once held captive by Alistair who carries a terrible secret—a secret that could determine the future of P.A.W.S.

The P.A.W.S. saga continues with Argentum – Pick up your copy today.

On Kindle or signed paperback directly from Rocking Horse Publishing.

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And if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of the first part of the the P.A.W.S. saga today.



I Found a Book I Didn’t Know I’d Written…

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day!

When I got back into writing about ten years ago, I wrote a lot, particularly when I should have been doing something else. I woke up at the weekend thinking about a vampire-based story I wrote around that time, and I decided to dig it out and dust it off.  I had half a mind to see whether Kindle allowed publishing of single short stories, or novellas, and if so, what the word count should be.

I had a quick scout around on Amazon and found that there were various stories of various lengths on sale.  Great, I thought. So I went to check how long my story was, and it turns out that the main body of text, when added to a shorter accompanying story that I wrote, came out at a whopping 90,000 words.

I had NO idea.

So I’m currently editing the two together, which is both massively exciting and horribly painful! They were written from completely opposing points of view, and one was written in the first person, so there’s some serious chopping and changing to be done here.  Cue many headaches! On the plus side, I’m really excited about working on it again. More on my dodgy medieval fantasy vampire romance (?) as it develops.

Deedee Davies Anthologies


Planning Book 2 of 3

So, with my first novel ‘finished’ (HA!) and out on the hunt for prospective publishers, I feel a bit lost.  I’ve had the updating and editing of it on my mind for so long that now it’s done, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself!  I’ve therefore started planning two follow-up novels (idle hands and all that…).

Book 2 will pick up Tal Sarokan’s story as he goes north to find the forgers of his sentient sword, and bring in some old and new characters.  I made good inroads into planning this today, and have around 5000 words of plot and chapter outline set out.  Now all I have to do is flesh it out… If past experience holds true, the end result won’t resemble the plan very much.

Book 3 will, I suspect, focus on the other main character from Fortune’s Thief, Al Salazar.  I haven’t got much further than that basic concept as yet, but I think he deserves a book.

I’ve also been using this site as a resource to help me draw up the outline and make sure my plot has all the requisite points: I found it incredibly useful when trying to write a synopsis of Fortune’s Thief last week, and would highly recommend it as a resource.  I’ve translated it into a table in Word to use as a template for any future outlines, which again is going to be really helpful to me.

Do you have any resources that you find useful in planning your writing?