‘Just One More Step’ Now Available!

Just one more step

The ‘Just One More Step’ anthology is now available for purchase on Lulu.com, and includes my new story ‘Omnipotence Unbound’.

In the deepest, darkest regions of space exists our end. The human race are powering up their thrusters and proudly waving their pistols in the air to take care of the stars and its inhabitants. But they find more than they bargained for beyond our solar system… They may even find what they deserve…

  • ‘Just One More Step’ is available in quality trade paperback here.
  • The ebook can be purchased here.

‘Just One More Step’ author list:

The Eclipse – By Mathias Jansson

Black Hole of Horror – By Mathias Jansson

Patience – By Nathan J.D.L. Rowark

The Human Age of Difference – By Ronald Van Hall

Intellectual Property – By Greg McWhorter

Next Gen Pioneers – By David S. Pointer

Drifting – By Jeffrey Park

Examination – By Jeffrey Park

Judas Goat – By Jeffrey Park

The Carrier – By Jeffrey Park

Wormhole – By Jeffrey Park

Space Jeebies – By Pepper Scoville

Special Report No: 42 – By Todd Nelsen

Mind Snatcher – By Todd Nelsen

The Martians Are Coming – By Norman A. Rubin

Home of Hades – By Matthew Wilson

Deadly Curious – By Matthew Wilson

Big Bang Center – By Denny E. Marshall

Haiku & Tanka – By Denny E. Marshall

A Small Favour – By Matthew Wilson

The Caledones Boundary – By Sergio “ente per ente” Palumbo

No One Can Hear You Scream – By Gary Murphy

The Colleagues – By Rishan Singh

Complex – By Anthony J. Martone

Gone in a Flash – By Jason Barney

Omnipotence Unbound – By Deedee Davies


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