2 new stories finished this week!

I feel like a writing machine this week (does that make me a typewriter?). I edited and submitted a story I started last week for a Monster Hunter anthology, which was tons of fun and already has me planning sequels.  I also wrote an entire story this afternoon (again, nothing like a deadline to give you motivation and inspiration!) for a space-related anthology.  I loved the anthology concept – mankind over-reaching itself and getting a karmic slap in the chops – and I ended up letting the story grow organically as I wrote it.  I wasn’t expecting it to have quite such a religious bent, but I am glad I managed to shoehorn some Norse mythology into it. 😀

I should hear about both of them – one way or another – within the next week or so, so cue several days of compulsively checking my inbox every 5 minutes.  Ho-hum!

I’m really enjoying this writing lark again, you know.