‘The End Was Not the End’ Includes My Second Published Story!

the end was not the end - cover

‘The End Was Not the End’ is now out in both paperback and Kindle formats, and includes my story ‘The Halls of War’.

I’m absolutely chuffed to have another story published, and even more so to finally get this story down on paper and brought to a conclusion. 😀

The authors and stories featured in The End Was Not the End: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Tales include:

Deedee Davies – “The Halls of War”
Desmond Reddick – “Blood and Fire”
Scott Sandridge – “Make Way for Utopia”
Jay Wilburn – “Twenty Year Plan”
Mandi M. Lynch – “Nightmares and Dragonscapes”
Magda Knight –  ”The Stone-Sword”
William Ransom – “In the Hills Beyond Twilight”
Steven S. Long – “Blade of Fire”
Bill Blume – “Waist Deep”
Darra L. Hofman – “Ben”
Nathen Gallagher – “Story’s End”

‘The End Was Not the End’ is a Seventh Star Press publication.  You can read more about it in their official press release here.