Novel Progress

So, last year I finished drafting my first novel.  It’s sat quite happily on my PC ever since, and I’ve not done much with it.  I needed a bit of a break from it, as it had got to that point where I just can’t see it any more.

I’ve picked it up again in the last couple of weeks and am trying to figure out where the issues are.  So far, I think I need to do this:

  • Check consistency of characters
  • Check point of view
  • Check for contradictions
  • Check that everything is logical
  • Remove far-fetchedness
  • Check consistency of style
  • Check rhythm
  • Check pacing

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?

I think the thing I’m struggling with most at the moment is whether everyone is behaving as they should.  For example, I woke up this morning to the realisation that my main female character was framed for murder, and while she was offered a way to get away from the situation and never have to worry about it again, I never actually brought it up again in the story. If that had been me, I’d have been wondering who the heck framed me and why.

It just makes me wonder what else I’ve missed.

I’m also a bit concerned that I wrote the first and second halves of the book seven years apart. At first I thought the difference was jarring, but having read it through fresh again this year, I can’t see it so much.  Hopefully that means I’ve smoothed some of it out!


2 thoughts on “Novel Progress

  1. I’ve had a similar gap between first and second drafts, and the last two chapter were added during the second draft so I share your concerns for a smooth transition.

    I think you’ve got all the points I’m looking for in my next draft. Leaving it a while will help with the read through. I keep changing little details and trying to remember to keep the consistency throughout the redraft.

    Happy editing 🙂


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